GARNER CANNING - Your Property

| Residential Property |

  • Residential sales and purchases

  • Freehold purchases

  • Buy to let sales and purchases

  • Right to Buy scheme

  • Leases extensions 

  • Transfers of ownership

  • Mortgages and Re-mortgages

  • New Homes

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Garner Canning is accredited with membership of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).  CQS is a quality standard for conveyancing legal services and only firms who meet the Law Society’s rigorous standards of quality of work and of practice management are accepted for membership.

The quality standards of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme mean that we:-

  • Treat you honestly and fairly

  • Are professional and respond promptly to your enquiries

  • Make you aware of any problems

  • Ask for feedback from you on our services.

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GARNER CANNING - Commercial Property

| Commercial Property |

  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

  • Company formation

  • Company restructuring

  • Joint ventures

  • Director’s duties and responsibilities

  • Commercial contracts including supply and distribution and agency agreements

  • Franchising

  • Partnerships

The Garner Canning commercial team provides professional property services for all types of commercial property and for commercial mortgages.  

Whether you are a property investor or you wish to acquire trading premises we would like you to take advantage of our expertise.  

Our commercial team is able to advise also on a wide range of corporate and commercial matters.  

Garner Canning provides the professional expertise of the larger firm but at a very competitive fee.  

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