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Garner Canning is accredited with membership of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).  CQS is a quality standard for conveyancing legal services and only firms who meet the Law Society’s rigorous standards of quality of work and of practice management are accepted for membership.

The quality standards of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme mean that we:-

  • Treat you honestly and fairly

  • Are professional and respond promptly to your enquiries

  • Make you aware of any problems

  • Ask for feedback from you on our services.

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Your Searches

We look at ways to help speed up transactions. As such, we are happy to accept Searches provided by Property Searches Direct (PSD). PSD provide direct access to Search ordering by you, enabling orders to be placed far sooner than they might otherwise be if we ordered them. This is not because we are not in a hurry, it is simply because we cannot handle your funds until we have received full instructions and you have completed the ID/AML procedures. Ideally we would also wish to receive a contract pack from the other side, confirming their willingness to sell to you, before we ordered Searches for you. With Property Searches Direct you are in the driving seat. If you are confident that you have the financial ability to complete the purchase and are confident that the vendor is willing to sell to you, why not get your Searches underway and demonstrate your commitment, whilst helping to move your transaction along earlier? Start your Search order HERE


Transferring Ownership

Transfers of ownership can happen where after separation or divorce a share of ownership in the former home is transferred from one party to the other.

The situation may also arise where a property owned by one party is transferred to joint ownership during a marriage or settled relationship and transfers of ownership can arise in other situations, for example, where parents make a gift property to their children. 



We are accepted on the panels of all major lenders to undertake the legal work for your mortgage.  We act on behalf of your lender to certify your legal title and to advise you on the terms of your mortgage.  We deal with this work alongside your purchase. 

We are also very experienced in dealing with re-mortgages and our service is quick and efficient.


New Homes

Our team of experienced staff understand the importance of prompt and efficient service and we make sure that you benefit from any incentives offered for early completion by your builder.

We are recommended by many of the leading house builders in the Midlands and we have gained our preferred status by ensuring that deadlines are met.

Whilst we guide you through the process of buying your new home you can depend on our personal and professional attention.


Freehold Purchase / Leasehold Extension

If your legal ownership of a property is under a Lease which was originally of 99 years or more we can advise you on either purchasing the freehold i.e. outright ownership, or an extension of your Lease (usually where your Lease is of a flat). 

We normally recommend that an application is made either to extend a Lease or to purchase the freehold ownership if your Lease is of 80 years or less.  This is because mortgage lenders will not usually accept a Lease of less than 70 years as sufficient security.  Also, the purchase cost rises significantly at less than 80 years left.

We are able to advise resident owners either for a single property or in cases where owners of flats act together to purchase the freehold of their building.

Any of our team will be pleased to help with your enquiry and will provide a no-obligation quotation of our fees.

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