Our Probate Services

Garner Canning provide a range of services to individuals with regard to probate and the administration of estates. We are able to assist you where a person dies either with, or without, a Will.


Our Costs

The extent of our costs will depend at all times on the size and complexity of the estate which we are dealing with and the extent to which we experience issues identifying, contacting and dealing with executors, administrators and beneficiaries. It will also be affected by whether we undertake all of the administration of the estate or simply elements of it and whether there are, and the complexity of, any trusts.


Any of our team will be pleased to help with your enquiry and will provide a no-obligation quotation of our fees.



How long will it take?

Our aim is to ensure that any probate or administration takes no longer than necessary. Please bear in mind, however, that sometimes the length of time will depend upon factors outside of your or our control.


We would suggest that, except in the simplest of matters, the full administration of an estate, which can include the sale and realisation of proceeds of one or more properties as well as handling investments and insurances, could take between 8 and 12 months, or even longer if complications arise or there are disputes between beneficiaries.


We will always ensure that you are kept fully informed.  We have included a list of some of the issues that can increase the time taken in the section dealing with what is involved.