There are often circumstances that require a Solicitor to certify that the borrower or guarantor of a mortgage or loan has been made aware of all the risks and financial implications.

This request usually comes from the lender to protect themselves from claims in the future. The certification can be used as evidence to prove, if necessary, that the individual has been made fully aware of all related risks.

Seeking the services of a Solicitor ensures impartiality which is in the best interest of the client. This service is widely accepted to form a part of responsible lending, especially where couples need to seek separate independent advice.

The request for Independent Legal Advice (ILA) usually appears towards the end of an application process which can result in delays and the potential of additional costs and stress.

Garner Canning are able to speed up the ILA process by using Skype, offering the service whenever you need it at a fixed price of £200+vat.

We will agree the most convenient time for the meeting to take place and then ensure a fast service with certifications to meet the mortgage or loan conditions to conform with the lender’s requirements.

To start the process we will invite you, by email, to complete an ID verification process remotely, using an App on your smartphone or tablet as we require proof of identity with a UK passport and proof of address with a recent utility bill; all of which will be captured (but not stored) in the App. Your invitation will be sent to you following your submission of the instruction form below.  Please use the following Guidance Notes.

If you need to receive Independent Legal Advice and would like to arrange a convenient appointment with one of our Solicitors, please note the paperwork that we will require from you and then complete the form below.


By completing and submitting the form below you confirm your acceptance of our Terms of Business. You will be required to complete and return the following document 'Client Care Letter - Personal Guarantee'. Please download both documents for your records returning the Client Care Letter completed and signed as instructed within.  

Independent Legal Advice Instruction Form
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