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Creating a truly collaborative approach to the conveyancing process to speed up transactions and remove uncertainty.

In property conveyancing we adopt a fully collaborative approach. Speeding up transactions whilst providing complete clarity of the process for all parties involved.

The Benefits:

  • You are able to deliver quotes 24/7 through your own branded Portal.

  • The Portal gives you the facility to specify whatever referral fee you wish to apply to the transaction

  • Waiting time for the conveyancer to deliver a client care pack is abolished.

You are able to deliver a conveyancer-branded client care pack instantly for all transactions – sale – purchases – re-mortgages and transfers of equity

  • Clients can use the interactive conveyancing calculator linked to the Your Portal and self-instruct on your cases. We provide content for your own website or host a branded solution for you.

  • The Portal gives a direct view of the progress of a case and allows communication with all parties involved – the Solicitor, Client and Estate Agent, in one linked space.  It gives access to all case documents with the ability for files and mortgage offers to be uploaded at any time.

  • The system has a facility for ratings and feedback to be applied at any time during a transaction allowing You and your Client's satisfaction to be constantly monitored

  • Working with its associated business Property Searches Direct Limited, Garner Canning Conveyancing ensures that Searches can be ordered instantly and return times monitored, minimising delay

  • Through their smartphone or tablet, clients can complete the ID/AML verification process


Biometric Facial Recognition

Liveness Detection

Data Verification

Document Authentication

Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) Chip Reading of Passports

Data Security and GDPR Compliance

Agile Software Development and App White Labelling

API Integration

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