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Garner Canning - Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate


Our Private Client Team can offer a wide range of services to our clients in relation to Trusts, as they have experience in both setting up and administering many different types of trusts for different purposes.

You may be the trustee of a Trust created by someone in their life time, or by their Will.  In either case the administration of the Trust can be very complicated and time consuming.  We can assist you to whatever extent you require, to ensure that the administration process is straightforward and stress free as possible.

You may also be considering putting assets into a Trust for your family now, in which case we can offer advice on the best type of Trust to utilise and advice as to how the Trust can be managed as cost effectively as possible, so as not pay any more tax than it should.

Any of our team will be pleased to help with your enquiry and will provide a no-obligation quotation of our fees.


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