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Garner Canning - Preparing for old age

Preparing for old age

Court of protection

If a person has not made an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney during their lifetime the situation may arise that no one has the authority to deal with their affairs on their behalf.  This can cause difficulty for the family caring for this person, and potentially leave them in a very vulnerable position, for example if the person’s property must be sold to pay for their care or their money cannot be accessed to pay for their food and other essential expenses.

If you are caring for someone, and have found yourself in this situation, then we can assist you in making an application to the Court of Protection to become that person’s Deputy.  If the Deputyship order is granted by the Court, this will grant you the authority to manage that person’s affairs on their behalf.

The Court of Protection is also able to make interim orders during the application process if necessary.  This is often very useful if there is an urgent need to access someone’s assets to pay their mounting care costs or other people seeking immediate payment.

We are also able to offer assistance to people who have already been appointed as a Deputy by the Court of Protection.