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Protection from domestic abuse

Domestic abuse includes physical, emotional, sexual, psychological or financial abuse. The abuse takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and can form a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour.  Any person may be a victim of domestic abuse or violence regardless of their sex, ethnicity, religion, class, age, sexuality, disability or lifestyle. 

Domestic abuse not only affects adults but also, when there are children in the household, they often witness the abuse that is occurring or the children may also be directly abused themselves.  Children who live in a household where there is domestic abuse are very likely to be emotionally and psychologically damaged by their experiences and the Court regards this as extremely serious. 

Nobody should live in fear of domestic abuse and action can be taken either through the criminal justice system where the perpetrator of the violence can be brought to justice and punished where found guilty, the police can also put restrictions in place to protect you from the abuser. Alternatively, with the help of a family lawyer, civil legal action can be taken to protect you and any relevant children from abuse in the future, by applying to the Court for a Non-Molestation Order to protect you from further harm and/or an Occupation Order to exclude the abuser from the family home and prevent them from returning for a fixed period of time, even in circumstances where they are the sole owner of the property.

If you are the victim of domestic abuse then please contact us for further advice.


Useful numbers:

Women’s Aid Helpline – 0808 2000 247

Victim Support National Helpline – 0808 1689 111

Victim Support Male Helpline – 0800 328 3623