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Emma Rymell is our trained Family Mediator and experienced Family Law Solicitor.  She will act as an impartial third party to assist you and your spouse or partner to reach an agreement regarding issues arising from your separation, such as arrangements for any children and how the family finances, property and financial liabilities are to be dealt with.

Mediation is not about reconciliation: it is a forum within which a separated couple (or a couple planning to separate) can discuss their issues with the help of the Mediator, who will neither take sides nor make decisions for you.  The Mediator will not give legal advice and   you will be recommended to consult your own solicitor for this.

Emma acts as an independent Mediator so she cannot mediate in cases where Garner Canning is advising you about your case or has given you advice about it in the past.

Garner Canning Mediation can be arranged during normal business hours at any of our offices.  Disputes can often be resolved, on average, in 3-5 sessions at a cost of £180.00 plus VAT per session (£90.00 plus VAT per person) with sessions lasting up to 1 ½ hours.

If an agreement is reached through Mediation we will recommend you to ask your solicitor to convert the agreement reached into a legally binding document.

For more information about our Mediation Service, and to find out whether Mediation would be suitable in your case, please call Emma Rymell on 01827-713543